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13908 E Independence Blvd Indian Trail, NC 28079
13908 E Independence Blvd Indian Trail, NC 28079

Check Engine Light On?

Check Engine Light Service & Repair By Certified Master Technicians!

Is your check engine light on? Don’t take any risks with your vehicle’s safety and performance. Our experienced team of master mechanics specialize in check engine light service, diagnostics and repair.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately identify the problem, and provide you with reliable solutions that are cost-effective. From minor issues to major repairs, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer routine maintenance and digital inspections, so you can avoid check engine light problems altogether. We are family owned and stand behind repairs with our 3 year, 36,000 mile TechNet nationwide warranty. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

What To Do When Your CEL Comes On

1. If the vehicle is running poorly or the light is flashing, stop driving as soon as safe & possible. -Some issues can cause catastrophic engine damage or more expensive repairs.

2. Have engine computer scanned for stored trouble codes and data. -This will often pinpoint the system with the malfunction and guide what testing needs to be done next.

3. Pinpoint the faulty component and/or root cause through testing. -Often many issues will cause the same CEL trouble codes. This prevents replacing incorrect and expensive parts.

4. Repair the failed component.

5. Verify the repair by retesting system and ensuring normal operation. -Prevents having to return for additional repairs and ensures the correct component was replaced.

6. Reset computers and clear old data. -Ensures any future issues are not confused with previous repairs.

Other Common Warning Lights

  • SES – Service Engine Soon (same as CEL)
  • ABS – Anti-Lock Brake System
  • TRAC – Traction Control System (same as ESP)
  • SRS – Supplemental Restraint System (airbags)
  • ETC – Electronic Throttle Control (same as EPC)
  • TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Rob Plays The Warning Light Game

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Other Services...

Brake Repair

car brake pad and rotor with the wheel removed in an auto repair shop

Affordable brake repair! We strike a balance between good value and quality parts. You depend on your brake system every day, and Kindred Auto uses dependable parts.

Check Engine Light

Do I need to get my check engine light fixed?

Is that Check Engine Light serious or can you take care of a bit later? Knowing the difference can save hundreds of dollars in unneeded repairs. Have it looked into ASAP!

Factory Maintenance

synthetic oil bottle on automotive shop workbench

Skip the dealer! Kindred Automotive can perform all factory schedule maintenance starting at 5,000 miles! We use factory fluids and maintain your factory warranty!

Oil Change

kindred automotive employee working on car that is in for service

Total Oil Services! Top off all fluids, reset tire pressures, comprehensive digital vehicle inspections and free loaner cars! All at a low price. What else is there to say?

Electrical Repairs

What do I do if my battery light comes on?

Blown fuse or major electrical repair? We have trained electrical technicians and all the tools to know the difference! We really are your one stop shop!

Air Conditioning

closeup image of ac button

Has your cool air gone on summer vacation? We can handle recharging your AC, finding AC leaks, or repairing more serious issues. What ever it takes to get the Polar Bears back!

What Your Neighbors Say About Us...

Ashley L.

Unmatched Customer Service


Highly recommend Christian Family Automotive for your car repair needs. It is refreshing to find a shop that truly cares about its customers and does not try to take advantage. As a woman, I am often worried that I am being over charged or told there are repairs that don’t really need to be done. At Christian Family Auto, I do not have to worry about this. They take the time to thoroughly explain the issues and make recommendations on what needs to be fixed immediately vs what can wait. There was one repair that I was unfamiliar with, so Robert took the time to walk me through what it was and how it impacted the car. Their level of customer service is unmatched!

Sally O’Neill

Flexible Scheduling


Great business! I scheduled a pre-purchase inspection and they were able to accommodate my schedule just a few days in advance. The dealership did not have my car ready at the scheduled time and Kindred was extremely flexible with changing my appointment time twice and when I arrived late, they still got me right in (and it was New Years Eve). They performed a top notch thorough inspection in about 1hr and charged a competitive price of $80. They immediately texted me a detailed report of the inspection findings along with photos. I was able to make an informed decision before I decided to purchase the car. They were all professional, friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Kindred. I live out of town but if I was local, I would use their services regularly!

Jer Kem

Reasonable Pricing


Rob and his team have serviced our 3 vehicles over the last few years. We moved to SC from MD several years ago. I had a pretty reliable mechanic there but needed one close by. Looking for a mechanic we could trust was not easy. We did a Google search and came across Christian Family Auto, now Kindred Auto, and we couldn’t have discovered a better mechanic to work with. We had a Solara, Jeep Liberty and a Lexus is250c. They have serviced all 3. Their pricing I found reasonable and the service above par. Good business to deal with.

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